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2011 Gibson Jackson Browne Signature Model A Adirondack / Walnut Used in Excellent Condition comes with Amulet installed from Gibson Montana. I believed this serial number is very first of JB Model A in the market. Jackson Browne has written and performed some of the most literate and moving songs in popular music, and has defined a genre of songwriting charged with honesty, emotion and personal politics. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2007. Five years in the making—through a series of evolving prototypes—the handmade instrument is being produced at the Gibson Montana Acoustic Master Shop in Bozeman, MT. Browne collaborated with the team in Gibson Montana throughout the process. It is the first guitar to bear Browne’s name. Distinguished by a red spruce top and sustainably—farmed English walnut back and sides, the Jackson Browne Signature model was inspired by Gibson’s legendary 1930s-era Roy Smeck model—several of which are among Browne’s own prized collection of vintage Gibsons—known for its big tone, pure traditional acoustic sound, and flawless projection during concert performance. Responsive and powerful, the “Jackson Browne” has a wide neck, deep round shoulders, and the scale of a classical guitar, with 12 frets to the body. It is as much a fully modern instrument as a vital link to Gibson’s heritage, with innovations including a sophisticated pickup offering unparalleled sound reproduction when amplified, and exceptional gain before feedback capability. “It has been an extraordinary back and forth process with Gibson creating this guitar,” says Jackson Browne. “As a performer, I’ve learned over the last 20 years what I like, and what works for my music. To use the iconic Roy Smeck model as a starting point—as well as Gibson’s 1994 reissue—and build something that helps me bring my songs to life is really exciting.” To bring this great artist's ideals for tone and playability to life in the 21st century, Gibson introduces the Jackson Browne Signature Model, a top-flight instrument designed along the lines of the great pre-War Gibsons—handmade in Gibson Montana's Acoustic Master Shop, and offered to today's demanding performer. Browne has consulted with Gibson for more than 10 years to get this model just right, and has collaborated closely with the luthiers in Montana for the past five to get it perfect. Among Browne's specific desires for this model were that it have no "compromise or shortcuts" in construction, design and features, in order to deliver the most natural and magical tone and superior live performance capabilities of any acoustic guitar on the planet. Central to his goal was the creation of a guitar that brings the best possible acoustic workmanship to upcoming generations of musicians—and that is exactly what Gibson Acoustic delivers in the Jackson Browne Model. Based on the classic 1930s Jumbo body style, with elements of the rare and legendary Roy Smeck model at Browne's request—a guitar known for its powerful sound and rich tonal quality—the Jackson Browne Model has an increased body depth for enhanced resonance and projection, upgraded tonewoods throughout, including an eco-friendly English Walnut back and sides, and a 12th fret neck/body joint to optimize it to fingerstyle performance. The Model A version of the Jackson Browne Signature Model also carries a hand-made internal audiophile-grade Trance Audio Amulet Pickup System of an entirely innovative and original design, which enables it to take all of its acoustic splendor flawlessly to the biggest stages in the world, while the Model 1 comes without pickup. All this, and it looks superb in a custom Vintage Sunburst finish in hand-sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer, with elegant appointments to complement its exclusive design.
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