Maestro Victoria-IR CSB A
Adirondack Spruce / Indian Rosewood
List Price
56,500 Baht
Our Price
56,500 Baht
The Victoria Concert Hall is the Grand Dame of Singapore's arts scene and has its history dating back to the 1900s as a town hall in memory of Queen Victoria. Interestingly, the Orchestra Model (OM) shape was conceived back in the 1920s; around the same time that the concert hall was commissioned. There is often some confusion surrounding the OM/000 suffix; both of them have the same body size. The difference lies in the neck that the guitar is built with. Maestro Guitars builds its Victoria models in a variety of nut sizes, albeit with a standard OM scale length at 648mm (25.5"). Exhibiting superb balance in response, Victorias are most notably recognisable in its clarity of tone, voice and sustain, especially in the upper registers, making it the quintessential fingerstyle guitar. Despite its smaller soundboard footprint, the Victoria is more than capable of producing a clear, strong bass response, with plenty of power and projection on tap that belies its size. The weapon of choice for players looking for a guitar that manages the perfect balance of power, response and playing comfort.

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